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Alert Archive: June 2008

June 2008

Open Borders/Globalists Threaten USA



U.N. Representative Investigates Prince William County, Maryland



              Outrageously, the United Nations has sent a representative to investigate Prince William County’s recent measures put in place against illegal aliens.   Furthermore, the man they sent is a known open-borders lobbyist named Jorge Bustamante.  


              Just last year, Bustamante called on Mexicans to boycott companies which support companies controlled by Republicans.  The idea that the U.N. thinks it can tell local counties in the USA whether they can enforce their own immigration laws is simply outrageous.


Tainted Tomato Recall Linked to Mexico


              The recent tomato recall, instituted due to cases of salmonella, is apparently due to bad tomatoes coming from Mexico and/or to Mexican migrant workers picking tomatoes in the U.S.  As Health Secretary Dr. Alfredo Vigil puts it, “"It is important to emphasize that no locally grown tomatoes from New Mexico have been implicated in this outbreak.”  And even the FDA says the salmonella possibly originated in Mexico. 


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