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Alert Archive: October, 2014


Of the 65,000 Illegal Alien Unaccompanied Minors and adults apprehended at the Mexican Border in 2014, and subsequently released, over 40,000 have not appeared for their Court Dates and have disappeared into the Interior of the USA.
None of the 40,000 have had Health Checks for Contagious Diseases or checks for being potential Terrorists either — all an Increasing Threat to Our Public Health and Safety Environment.
We reiterate the Disease Threats which Unscreened masses of Immigrants pose to Americans as catalogued by Dr. Marc Siegel.
 “......Since illegal immigrants who enter the US are not prescreened in any way, many carry disease.......ten to twenty-five percent of the immigrants (in Texas and Arizona) have Scabies, a highly contagious intensely itchy rash.... Already drug-resistant tuberculosis is spreading in Texas... Dengue Fever... is now spreading from the Illegal Immigrants into Texas and Arizona... Measles and Chickenpox are now emerging among the unvaccinated immigrants... now Swine Flu has appeared....”
And what about Ebola?! Why did the Obama Administration issue a Visa to the Liberian National now being treated in the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital without first determining that that immigrant was (or was not) a public health risk?!
And why are some allowed to stay without a visa?
Indeed, Patrick Cleburne of vDare.com answers that question, first, by citing Alicia Caldwell

“Liberian immigrants living in the United States without a visa won’t be sent back to the epicenter of Ebola crisis in West Africa for at least another two years, the Obama administration said Friday.
“President Barack Obama signed a memo extending a legal protection called “deferred enforced departure” that continues a protection from deportation that has been in place for more than a decade.” …[even though the civil war was over more than a decade ago – Ed.]

“Gov’t lets Liberians stay in US amid Ebola Crisis,”  AP,
Alicia A. Caldwell, September 26, 2014

  “It is a fixed Obamacrat policy to seize on any trouble in countries it favors as an excuse to give de facto Amnesty to any illegals from the place as I noted in ‘Obama’s Haitian Aid: Amnesty – and more immigration?’ ”
"Ebola Strikes America: Bad Immigration/Refugee Polices to Blame," Patrick Cleburne, vDare.com, 10/06/2014

Laura Ingraham has asked the key question:

  ‘“Why did President Obama let Ebola in the United States?”,’ LauraIngraham.com, October 1, 2014
‘“The immigration and National Security Act makes clear that HHS has the authority to decide which diseases should be banned entry into our country. If the President wanted to ban people who are at risk of carrying Ebola, one option short of a total travel ban is to have HHS list Ebola as a banned disease, and then decree that people traveling from certain countries would have to prove that they are Ebola free. This is what we do with TB and other diseases for immigrants.”’

Thanks to the Obama and previous administrations' policies, upwards of 150,000 visitor visa holders enter, annually, through our airports with every intention of remaining indefinitely even after their visas expire, and our Southern Border is wide open.
Worst of all, President Obama has indicated he will act on his well-advertised but Unconstitutional Executive Order giving Illegal Aliens Amnesty.  But he will wait until after the November Election, and during the Lame Duck Session of Congress.
During that lame duck session, some Version of an Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill could pass the House and go to Conference with the horrendous Senate Bill S744.  That Bill would legalize Millions of Illegals, and triple legal immigration!  So it is essential that we generate as much pressure as possible to discourage the Obama Administration, the Lame Duck House, and candidates, from taking a Pro Amnesty position. Encourage them to not support and not enact an Illegal Alien Amnesty.
Every habitable niche on the planet has already exceeded its carrying capacity [clean, fresh water, topsoil, biodiversity]. No area, including the USA, can accept more people without also accepting a decline in the standard of living and environmental degradation and increased Public Health Risks.  Drought stricken areas of the West and Southwest
such as California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas already have reason to learn this lesson, though some residents are still in Denial
Thus we encourage you to convey these talking points to your representatives in Washington and to those candidates wishing to go to Congress.
Moreover, a vote for Amnesty would be a vote to suppress the wages and displace the jobs of American workers. 
It would be a vote to impose an additional $6.3 trillion (Heritage Fdn. cis.org) de facto tax on American taxpayers— which is the estimated net (after subtracting taxes immigrants pay) cost of the Amnesty Bill.   Taxpayers who are already footing the bill for the education, healthcare and other services provided to immigrants would be asked to pay more.
And a House vote for a Bill that could go to conference committee with S. 744 would be a vote to force the United States to absorb and ultimately give work permits and  citizenship (voting rights) to up to 20 million illegal residents, as well as tripling legal immigration. This Bill alone would add 30 million people in the next decade, not counting children born in the US to this population.
When population grows faster than wealth, per capita GDP declines, even though overall GDP may increase somewhat. No wonder the American middle class is treading water or losing ground.
More importantly, this “Tidal Wave” Amnesty and immigration bill, if passed, would result in an environmental disaster.  Just consider the consequences of the drought the Southwest is already experiencing. California’s drought is so bad that supplying its growing cities with drinking water is putting both fish habitat and agricultural production at risk.  Some rural California towns where residents depend on wells are already trucking in water that is collected one bucket at a time from central distribution points.
And for each person added to the U.S. population, one acre of precious farmland or wildlife habitat is converted to developed uses. Asphalt is the last crop that land ever produces.
Clearly the United States is already depleting natural resources like topsoil and potable groundwater, reducing Biodiversity, and overusing societal resources like schools, housing, hospitals and roads—faster than nature or society can replace them.
It should be obvious that in order to achieve long-term environmental protection, budgetary solvency, tax reduction and social cohesion, the population level of America must be stabilized.  We can’t do this if our borders are not secured, illegal residents are amnestied, and the floodgates to legal immigration are opened even wider than they are already. We already admit one million Legal Immigrants per year.
Some argue that we are morally obliged to embrace economic “refugees”. Untold millions of the global poor aspire to come to this country. But what of our own poor, our shrinking middle class, our unemployed and under-employed? Should we open the doors to make refugees out of our own citizens? Surely charity begins at home.  In almost all cases, illegal aliens can achieve “family re-unification” simply by returning to their country of origin.
Please convey the above  to your representatives in Washington and to candidates.
And further, here's how, together, we can STOP this drive for an Illegal Alien Amnesty— Push the ASAP Coalition's position:
Ask your Representatives, and those who wish to go to Congress in the next session, to take the following ACTIONS and make the following PLEDGE:
Regarding the Current Crisis:
    A)  Insist that our Borders be defended and Illegal Entry not permitted. Enforcement of current law would be a Major Move toward protecting our Borders.
    B)  Cut off U.S. Foreign Aid to the Major Source Countries, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador! and to the Transit Country, Mexico.
    C)  Vote NO on any funding which facilitates a continuation of this Illegal Mass Immigration
And regarding Mass Immigration in General:
Ask your Representatives and those who wish to go to Congress to make the following PLEDGE:
    1) Vote NO on ANY Discharge Petition and/or immigration Bill which could go to conference with, or includes any provisions of, the Senate Bill (Do not support the Cornyn-Cuellar Bill because it would facilitate continuation of the flow, and because it could go to Conference with the Horrendous Senate Bill!);
    2) Vote NO on ANY Amnesty or Work Permits for Illegal Aliens;
    3) Vote NO on any Bill increasing Legal Immigration, whether via H1(b) increases, (Hi-tech companies like Microsoft and HP are laying off tens of thousands of American workers – there is NO STEM labor shortage) or otherwise;
    4) Support the Bills (see earlier BALANCE Alerts) requiring the President to enforce the law instead of disregarding it;
    5) Agree to push a zero-net Moratorium Bill in the next Congressional Session (but NOT in this Session, because any such Bill would risk coming out of Conference Committee looking like the Horrendous Senate Bill).
Pushing a zero-net Moratorium Bill in the Next Session is Extremely Important.
BALANCE is a co-Sponsor of the ASAP! Coalition which laid out the Rationale for pushing for a Moratorium years ago.
Having a Moratorium goal is key as a long-term objective.
But the push for it should start in the next Session of Congress.
A zero-net Moratorium is the Necessary Condition for achieving U.S. Population Stabilization, long term Environmental Protection, Budgetary Solvency, Tax Reduction and Social Cohesion.
And from a Strategic Perspective, pushing a Moratorium is Essential to de-legitimize the whole Notion of Mass Immigration.
Therefore, pushing a Moratorium maximizes Pressure to get some Reductions at least.
Refusing to push a Moratorium (as some Mass Immigration Management [de facto] Groups do), is a Recipe for Failure, since that is merely Defensive.
And being forever on the Defensive increases the chances of passage of Bad Bills, e.g., Illegal Alien Amnesties.
How serious about actually achieving Immigration Reduction can an Organization be, if it refuses to push a Moratorium as a First Priority?!
Any Immigration ‘Amnesty’ Tidal Wave Bill which enacts an Illegal Alien Amnesty or increases Legal Immigration (the Senate and one House Bill would triple it!) would create a Demographic, Budgetary, Public Health, and Environmental Disaster that is magnitudes greater than Mass Immigration already is creating.
Phone Calls or Office Visits followed by Snail Mail letters are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off).
So please Help BALANCE Intensify our Opposition to ANY such Bill NOW!
The Obama Administration and certain members of the House Leadership are Now determined to enact their Open Borders ‘Principles’ into law.
Only our Massive Grassroots Effort can stop them!
Activists Grassroots pressure has already caused Obama to delay his Executive Amnesty announcement until after the election!
Let’s keep it up!
Please forward this Alert to your Friends today!
And please consider that BALANCE is greatly outspent by the Cheap Labor and various Ethnic Power Lobbies.
So Please Help BALANCE Intensify our Opposition to ANY Bill TODAY, NOW!
BALANCE very much needs you to make a Tax-Deductible Donation TODAY on our website, BALANCE, or via U.S. Mail.
Together, we can take a Giant Step toward protecting you and other American Citizens and our Environment, but we need your help!

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